18Jul 2016
If I had ever tried to handle my move to Italy alone, I probably would have filled out the wrong from, not gotten things done on time, lost some items, broken something or god knows what else. This never became a problem because I had Movers Westminster take care of things. Having this team take care of the whole job made it amazing. They did every task for me and their skills and experience guaranteed there were no problems. This was a very effective service and I have to advocate that anyone about to move should call them.
Carl Darrow
19May 2016
Delighted with the recent house removals service we received from RemovalsWestminster. Absolutely faultless from start to finish and the pricing is also very good for the area. Highly recommend.
Tina Crabtree
07Oct 2014
When I hired RemovalsWestminster for my moving day I didn't really know what to expect as I'd never hired a professional moving company before. I hired a man with a van as I had no idea how I'd move all of my large and heavy furniture with only my small car! I was worried this was going to be an expensive service but I found it much cheaper than a lot of other companies that I considered hiring. The service itself was great and very professional. My mover was really experienced and I'm very pleased to say that absolutely nothing went wrong on my moving day!
Rebecca S.
27Aug 2014
You will do well to get me to try moving house under my own steam after what happened to us a couple of years back, but that is another story! This time round, we used RemovalsWestminster and they were excellent in many ways. I have to say, I really did appreciate the friendly way in which they got the job done, as it reduced my stress levels somewhat, and made the whole process a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. You will hopefully find the same if you book them for your removal, which you certainly should do!
Rose Moore
13Aug 2014
I would recommend this company for a number of reasons the main one being they made my removals day a lot easier than I expected it to be. A big advantage of hiring this company rather than another one is also that they have such great prices. I had checked around quite a number of companies before I settled on this one in fact and price was one of the main reasons I chose them. Of course I also wanted a legitimate professional company and that's exactly what I got with RemovalsWestminster. I was also kept well-informed of any changes happening before my moving day and attention was paid to the special requirements I needed which was also a big help to me.
25Jul 2014
Packing is one of those things that I've always hated, and with a big house and a full-time job, packing for my house move was something I kept putting off. A friend suggested I hire professional packers and I chose RemovalsWestminster after looking at their website. The packing was really quick and there was no attention to details spared. Everything was labelled really clearly, and when it came to unpacking it was obvious just how much effort the packers had put in. Moving was really easy without having to pack and unpacking was quick and effortless thanks to the great job they'd done - thanks!
07Jul 2014
I hate moving house, even if it was just a small flat move! I used RemovalsWestminster and their man and van service, which was incredibly helpful in ensuring that the move did not take its toll on me too much! The people on the phone were great help, and the man and van service was easy and very quick! I was lucky in that the traffic was low, so it cost me very little to do the whole move, which certainly softened the blow over all. I was extremely happy with the resulting removal, and will certainly be using the team again!
Kathleen Barnes
25Jun 2014
I am more than happy to write a review about RemovalsWestminster. They are a trustworthy company and made my move incredibly easy! In general, you don't normally get such a high level of commitment from a removal company; however they were just outstanding. They handled our move with pure brilliance and promptness. They are an excellent, well-run company who have proved that they have professional and highly trained staff and professional outlook. So if anyone is looking for a top class removal company I would highly recommend RemovalsWestminster.
Hayley York
11Jun 2014
Every time I've dealt with movers before, they've been impatient, heavy handed and unfriendly. Happy - very happy - to report that this is in no way the case with RemovalsWestminster. They were the absolute pinnacle of politeness and courtesy from beginning to end, and I was very, very happy with the whole experience. Even when there were slight setbacks, they were intensely relaxed and managed to allay my worries. They have my respect and my affinity - and I reckon anyone reading this should give them a go! Top, top stuff - at low, low prices. Can't say fairer than that.
Tom Baker
13May 2014
I needed storage in a day a while back and I didn't have a clue which company would accept such a request under so much short notice. Well, RemovalsWestminster did and I'm so glad and relieved they did because they were so professional and their prices were not bad at all. Plus, you don't have to compensate on the removal service you receive either, despite the affordable prices. So, basically, if you need help with storage, I recommend these guys. They know what they are doing and they are good at it!
Ellie Richman
29Apr 2014
Can't thank RemovalsWestminster enough for their help recently. I was about to give up hope and move everything myself but one last phone call on a friend's recommendation meant that I was put in touch with a company who was finally able to deliver a truly excellent service. And now, sat in my new home, I can look back on the excellent service which they provided and definitely say that I can see no way in which they could have been better and no way in which they could have improved the service which they delivered to me and my family.
14Apr 2014
Having found myself having to deal with a removal on my own, I enlisted RemovalsWestminster. They were absolutely amazing, and were really instrumental in ensuring that my removal went ahead just as it should, without any of the missteps that I had expected would naturally fall along the way. They helped with everything, from planning to execution, and that was the real help, as I don't know the first thing about how to plan a removal! If you are at all worried about how you are going to get yourself from A to B, then you should give this lot a call!
Katherine Duncan
29Mar 2014
We all know what a big job moving house is, but if you hire the right company it will make life a little simpler. I used a recommendation and it was the best decision I made. RemovalsWestminster were the best, from our first meeting for a quote to removal day. The complete move went really well, it was well planned and done with competence. The workers were friendly and helpful and did an outstanding service throughout. I would certain suggest anybody moving house or office to give these experts a call, as you will get a first class service.
Danielle Jurist
19Mar 2014
I was amazed at how cheap it was to hire RemovalsWestminster. I had heard nothing but good things from numerous friends who had hired their services, and wanting a great moving experience myself, I was sure to give them a call. It was only when they handed me the quote, however, that I realised what a really great solution they were able to provide. On the day of the move, everything went perfectly and you could really tell they were experts. If you want to save money, then I can definitely suggest that you give them a call.
19Feb 2014
With two young kids and a couple of lovely little dogs we knew moving house was going to be difficult, but unfortunately it had to happen after a work relocation. We read good things about RemovalsWestminster online so we decided to get a quote, which turned out to be the best one so we hired them. They really were great; we went for a full pack, unpack and removal and it was everything we hoped for and more. We were left to worry about our family while they literally transferred our old house into our new one without any problem or hiccup. What a great service.
21Jan 2014
This is a really great removal company. I only called RemovalsWestminster to get a bit of advice and a price quote for their man and van rental service, and they were so polite and informative that they straight away became my first choice for removal help! When moving day arrived my mover arrived on time and got busy straight away. I moved into my new house without having to worry about picking up and carrying my furniture or how I'd fit everything into my own car! Really impressive and friendly service - I will be recommending you to everyone I know!
06Jan 2014
Moving house is never going to be fun. I mean, you have all the packing to do, all the organizing, and everything else. The move day itself is stressful, and then you have all the unpacking to do at the other end! It's a wonder that anyone ever bothers! This time round however, I found that things were a lot easier, simply because I had RemovalsWestminster on side to ensure that everything went by easily. You never really expect a well-priced company to give you the service that you need, so I was very pleasantly surprised to find that this lot were very good value for money indeed!
Elizabeth Richardson
29Oct 2013
Moving house has always been a nightmare. It is the length of the process that really gets to me, so this time round I decided to give a packing service a go. I went with RemovalsWestminster because the price was good, and i felt a little guilty spending too much on such an extravagance, but it certainly paid off. Knowing that they were there to pack everything up was one thing, but the fact that I was not worried about leaving them alone in my house was quite another, very trustworthy people. The job was a good one, with the packing being done well, there was nothing broken, and I did not have to miss any work, which was great. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for great value.
Marianne Skillman
16Oct 2013
I was moving quite a long way, from London up to Edinburgh, and was worried about the idea of having to do it in two days, as my budget for the move was not very big. The people at WestminsterRemovals assured me that there was nothing to worry about, as they had done moves of that length before, and gave me a price for an afternoon pack, followed by a (very long) day of driving. The price was fair and the service was excellent, so I was very pleased. Thank you to all involved!
D. Kilburn
020 8610 9443